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Digital Marketing Overwhelm PLR Pack

Dear Offline Marketers,

One major roadblock you probably face in your business is being able to attract the RIGHT leads for your Offline and Local Marketing services.

Unfortunately, many consultants spend countless hours (and a lot of money) trying to land clients who don’t even need their help.

But one thing is for sure… business owners who are overwhelmed and frustrated with Digital Marketing are solid leads who are most likely to become new clients.

Some of them are trying hard, but failing miserably… while others aren’t taking any action at all (even though they want to).

Digital Marketing can be very intimidating. There are so many moving parts and it’s ALWAYS changing.

Think about it…. even WE can become a little overwhelmed sometimes.

So just imagine how offline business owners feel…

… and this is where you come in.

You need content that will get more business owners to contact you for your services, respond to your phone calls, or agree to meet with you.

But creating this type of content all on your own can be extremely challenging, tedious, and time-consuming.

You probably know what you want to say, but putting it all together in a professional way that resonates with offline business owners just isn’t that easy.

We have created this brand new “Overcoming Digital Marketing Overwhelm PLR Pack” as a fresh way for you to connect with business owners who want and need your help.

EASILY brand this high-quality content as your own and INSTANTLY:

  • Show business owners that you understand their frustrations
  • Build credibility and position yourself as the expert that you are
  • Give them confidence that you have solutions that can GROW their business

Just edit this content however you want, add your name to it, and let it soft-sell your marketing services for you.

Let’s take a look at this offer in more detail…

In Order To Generate Leads EFFECTIVELY,
Your Content Needs To:

  • Be Written In SIMPLE Terms That They Can Clearly Understand
  • Help You Establish An EMOTIONAL Connection With Readers
  • Give You INSTANT EXPERT Status, Build TRUST, & BOOST Credibility
  • EDUCATE Your Audience & SOFT-SELL Your Services
  • Move Your Audience to TAKE ACTION

But The Problem Is…

  •  You’re Too Busy To Create Lead Generation Content For Your Offline Business
  •  Hiring Someone To Custom-Create Your Content Isn’t In Your Budget Right Now
  •  You Have Tried To Write Your Own Content, But Just Aren’t Satisfied With It
  •  You Have Tried To Write Your Own Content, But Have NO IDEA Where To Start

Wouldn’t It Be SO Much EASIER To Have A
Done-For-You Solution?

Digital Marketing Overwhelm PLR Pack

Brand New PLR Report Titled:

“How To Overcome Digital Marketing Overwhelm”

Use this Brand New 20+ Page PLR report to generate leads for your services by giving business owners 10 ways to Overcome Digital Marketing Overwhelm.

It provides them with some great tips and common practices that they can follow to alleviate distress so they can approach marketing in a way that actually gets results…

This will show them that you understand what they’re going through and that you actually have SOLUTIONS that can help them…

*Editable PSD ecover included

A Matching Squeeze Page

You Will Also Get This Done-For-You Squeeze Page So You Can Start Building
A List Of Local Business Prospects On

10 PLR Articles / Blog Posts Format

Want FLEXIBILITY in how you use this content?

You can never have “too much” fresh content to attract and keep visitors on your site longer…

So we’ve broken the report down into 10 Professionally-Written PLR Articles that you can edit and use however you want:

– Put them on your website or blog
– Use snippets for social media posting
– Add them to your email autoresponder series
– Create videos
… or any other creative way you can think of to keep your audience engaged…

The Article Titles Are:

  • Overwhelmed With Digital Marketing? Stop and Regroup
  • How to Prioritize Your Digital Marketing Strategies
  • 5 Steps to Creating a Digital Marketing Action Plan
  • 5 Tips for Staying Focused With Your Digital Marketing Initiatives
  • How to Establish Realistic Digital Marketing Expectations in Your Business
  • Can’t Find Time for Digital Marketing? Here are 4 Tips to Help
  • Why Shooting for Perfection Can Ruin Your Digital Marketing
  • Celebrate Your Digital Marketing Accomplishments to Combat Overwhelm
  • Ready to Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level? Here are 5 Mistakes to Avoid
  • Digital Marketing: Signs That It Is Time To Get Professional Help

Professional Lead Gen Videos

You will receive an Animated Explainer Style Video AND a Video Sales Letter Style Video using the “Overwhelm” angle to attract new leads and/or give away  your report…

– Each video comes with 2 different call-to-action endings: “Contact Us” and “Download Our Free Report”

– PowerPoint Slides Included for the Video Sales Letter Style

– MP3 Voice Over Files and Written Scripts Included

– Videos provided in MP4 Format

These are ready to use right out of the box to place on your website, social media profiles, YouTube, or anywhere else you want to use them…

A VIDEO Squeeze Page

You Will Also Get This Done-For-You VIDEO Squeeze Page So You Can Place Your Video On It To Build A List Of Local Business Prospects On Auto-Pilot…