Download The $ 50 Day – Auction Challenge 2.0 By Steve Poke

Download The 50 Day - Auction Challenge 2.0 By Steve Poke

From: Steve Poke
Re: Making Money On EBay

Are you struggling to make 50 Day on eBay? Trying to find the perfect product to sell online? Sick of drop-shipping schemes, wholesale guides, e-Book packages and classified ad systems that simply don’t work?

Looking for a steady, genuine method of generating a great second income stream that puts cash into your bank day after day?

I know EXACTLY how you feel!

Let me tell you a little of my story. Probably just like you, and thousands of others, I got started on eBay selling junk from around the house – mostly books and CD’s I didn’t want anymore.

I was amazed with the results! The bids mounted up before my eyes and I made more from those old CD’s than I could have dreamt. I was hooked! Here was a website with almost 300 MILLION users who visited the site for one reason; TO BUY STUFF. I seriously thought this could replace my salary – I could quit my day job at last!

Soon enough however, the “stuff” ran out. I had emptied the loft, the basement, the garage of unwanted items – I had nothing left to list on eBay! I spent the next couple of years experimenting with this product and that product but for all the effort I was putting into it, buying stock, paying my fees and postage it barely seemed worth it. Ring any bells?

Plus the competition was so great. It seemed that no matter which product line I tried, the next guy was selling it cheaper.

It wasn’t until the beginning of 2008 that I discovered the startling money making potential of the public domain.

Introducing to 50 Day….

I discovered a method of making 50 Day on eBay that has literally changed my life. I found that it was possible to create information products using FREE public domain resources and sell them on eBay for profits in the region of 5, 6, 7000%. Yes you read that right…..

Seven Thousand Percent Profit!

All I needed to do, I figured,  was put 20 or 30 of these products on eBay to generate a serious second income. It took some hard work and a little experimentation but after only a couple of months I was withdrawing $50 and more into my bank account every single day.

Take a look at this screenshot of funds withdrawn from my PayPal account.

In this 4 week period I withdrew a total of £1160 into my bank account. As you can see, on many days, I’m putting at least 50 Day (which is around $75) into my bank. Some days it can be £100 or more! OK so it’s not the promise of untold riches and thousands of dollars but this is a realistic proposition I have for you.

All of this money is generated by selling FREE public domain materials on eBay – that’s right; all my materials are FREE! The only costs involved are a blank CD or DVD disc on which I burn the data and ship it to my customer. Just to clarify, lets just clear up a few questions. What IS the public domain??

In a nutshell, material can be considered to in the “public domain” IF

Its copyright has expired
Its copyright wasn’t properly renewed
It has been released into the public domain by its creator

So, when we refer to this “material” what are we talking about?

We are talking about :

Works of Art
Sheet Music
In the USA, Government publications

In the United States, work in the public domain can, broadly speaking, be defined as follows:

Published Before 1923 IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN

Before 1923 – 1963 copyright not renewed IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN

Before by the US Government, regardless of date IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN

So What Does All this Mean?

What this means is that, if you are looking to sell information products on eBay, there are literally MILLIONS of resources of the types listed above that you can, with little work, package into highly desirable and saleable products. Thinking that people are not interested in “old, out of date” information? WRONG! On the contrary, people are CRAZY for “vintage” or “retro” stuff” and I can show you exactly how to provide it for them.

If you are having any doubts as to the profitability of this or you want to see just what kind of profits can be made here, let me give you an example. Take a look at this item of mine:

I took this screen shot after the listing ended. I listed this for 30 days with 15 copies available. As you can see I sold  all 15 copies at £7.97 each. All of the PDF’s in this collection, I downloaded for free online so; each time someone buys a copy I simply burn the PDF’s to a disc and ship it to them. So lets do the maths here:

SALE PRICE £7.97 + £1.50 POSTAGE          £9.47

EBAY LISTING FEE                                            £0.01
EBAY FINAL VALUE FEE                                    £0.72
PAYPAL FEE                                                      £0.47
BLANK DISC                                                      £0.15
POSTAGE                                                          £0.60
PACKAGING MATERIALS                            £0.01
(I’ll show you how I achieve this in the course!)

TOTAL COSTS                                                 £2.02
                           £7.45 x 15 = £111.75

This one product made me £111.75 (approx $170) monthly profit. If you follow my instruction, you could put together a product like this every week! Now; multiply that kind of monthly profit by 10, 15 or 20 products (I have 52!),  all of which you can create for free, and you are looking at a serious income boost.


I have a challenge for YOU!

Use my system, Copy my methods!

I make, on average…

  • SIMPLE STRATEGY! My method are easy to follow. Anyone can do this!
  • NO OUTLAY! You can have your eBay business up and running without spending a single penny!
  • HOME BASED BUSINESS! You can run this business entirely from home. No trailing around wholesalers. No stock to buy….EVER!
  • MORE FREE TIME! This business can be run spending just a couple of hours each day.
  • FINANCIAL FREEDOM! Put an end to your financial worries. The money you make can pay off your debts, make your car or mortgage payments every month, pay for a family vacation.
  • UNLIMITED POTENTIAL! My target for you is small an achievable there is no reason why you cannot make 2, 3, even 10 times this much if you work at it.
  • I am working towards that goal and so can you.
  • HUGE PROFITS! The profit margins you can make on each sale using this system are just PLAIN CRAZY!!
  • HAVE FUN! I actually LOVE this business.
  • I like it so much, and its going so well that I’ve already set myself a target for quitting my day job and doing this full time.
  • GLOBAL / 24 HOUR BUSINESS! EBay is a worldwide marketplace.
  • You can make sales to every corner of the globe, 24 hours a day (you can’t beat logging onto your PC in the morning to discover you made $$$ while you’ve been asleep!)

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