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Aff1liate C0mmand 2017

0 Angles to Promote Aff1liate C0mmand 2017 (for affiliates)

You’ll make $98.50 every time someone picks up Aff1liate C0mmand 2017. And if they cannot afford that there is a downsell funnel in place. A lot of upside here. No reason not to send an email out and test the waters. But let’s take this a step further. Here are 10 angles that will help you come up.

ways to promote Aff1liate C0mmand 2017:

1. SWIPES – Shane Nathan wrote my email swipes. They are fantastic. Just drop by my JV page, grab one, send it out to your audience and see if the offer resonates with them. Easy.

2. COACHING – This offer comes with 11 weeks of group coaching. When was the last time you saw coaching sold with an in depth course for $197 bucks? It’s a chance for people who otherwise would not have coaching within their budget to get that kind of help.

3. PRICE – At Affiliate Command’s full price of $397 it equals $1.09 a day over the course of a year. That’s less than a newspaper to potentially change their lives.

4. SALES PAGE VALUE – The sales page for Aff1liate C0mmand 2017 is essentially a free webinar that will actually teach your audience. Easy to send people to a free webinar that will map out a $116 a day business plan.

5. TRUE SCARCITY – This course will be ½ price for 4 days only at $197 and comes with group coaching. (May 26th through May 29th) then it’s price will change to $397. I assure you this is not false scarcity. ANyone who knows me understand it will go up when I say.

6. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED – This course will teach a complete newbie with no experience how to start a blog, a membership program, how to launch products, how to email market effectively, affiliate marketing, how to build audience and drive traffic with facebook and youtube, how to build a list, how to create awesome lead magnets with great low ticket offers, and much more. This is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to start making money on the internet.

7. CASE STUDY STYLE – Proven system and the in depth course is virtually a case study where I walk them through me doing everything. Extremely actionable case study style content.

8. ONGOING LAUNCH WEEK BONUSES – The course will launch on the 26th of May and for the 3 days following that I will be releasing a new bonus each day. This will give affiliates a new angle to promote and something to talk about every day of the launch.

9. VALUE DRIVEN NO LOSE SITUATION – The Aff1liate C0mmand 2017 is my greatest work to date. It teaches my entire business model. I am historically known to over deliver on products and this is no exception. With over 11 weeks of content that the students can go through at their own pace as fast or slow as they like AND group coaching. This is a no lose situation.

10. EXPERIENCE IN THE TRENCHES – Why not learn from a guy who has 15k subscribers on a youtube channel, has almost 3k friends on facebook and spends time there everyday, runs a successful membership program, runs a blog that pulls in new subscribers everyday, launches products regularly, and makes thousands of dollars a month on the internet? Why not learn from someone who is actually in the trenches doing this stuff right now?