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[SIZE=”3″]FB Ignition is the most comprehensive business-in-a-box package available for Facebook. It doesn’t come more “turn-key” than this.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=”2″]FB Ignition is the most complete, “done for you” and ready to go business package available today on the Warrior Forum or anywhere else for that matter. I have conducted at least 3 surveys and received hundreds of emails from customers asking me for what’s in this beast of a product. I nailed it for people looking to hit the Offline Market in Facebook Offline Arsenal. I turned out a groundbreaking viral script with like Vault. Now I have produced the ultimate business package to get start making money with Social Marketing and Fan Pages online.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=”2″]If you buy now you can have your complete business up and running in as little as a day. I’m not talking about a website here. I am talking about EVERYTHING. You will have a website, a fan page, a viral lead generator, sales videos, business documents, lead generators, reports, graphics, training material….and MORE, all after you click to buy.[/SIZE]

“Business in a boxâ€
FB Ignition provides a complete business start-up package of resources and materials. Everything from a content loaded WordPress powered business website through to documents, videos, presentations, audio and a viral fan page script is included.

â€Advanced Viral Scriptâ€
Included is a unique viral script that matches the design and theme of your business website and fan page. Using an in-page Like button, people click Like to get access to a free report which contains Facebook info, and also has your business details.

â€Custom marketing reportsâ€
Pre-created Facebook marketing reports and case studies are included for 3 sample businesses. Use these to create your own tailored Marketing plans for your clients and easily charge $100’s for these and have them lead into upsells for your other services.

â€Lead generation made easyâ€
FB Ignition includes reports, articles, videos and guides about Facebook. Use these to generate leads by educating a business owner on the benefits of Facebook before they turn to you to create their Fan Page and other social marketing activities.

â€Advanced Marketing Videosâ€
There are 8 videos included with FB Ignition ranging from short, high-impact sales type videos through to professionally voiced over business presentation videos. Let these do the selling for you.

â€5 Module Outsourcing Courseâ€
Take your business to the next level with Outsourcing. Save time on technical or routine tasks and free yourself up to grow your business. My video course covers general outsourcing techniques and shares resources with you.

FB Ignition is the most comprehensive business package for Facebook ever. Check out just some of what’s included:

-Your own business web-site, custom designed especially for a Fan Page business with a 1 off wordpress theme and pre-loaded videos and content

-A lead-generation wordpress Facebook blog, pre-loaded with videos and articles.Use this to rank in the search engines for trending Facebook topics that you can write on and advertise your business template on it.

-Marketing video suite. We all know the power of video when it comes to marketing. With FB Ignition you get 6 high-end promotional videos with slick effects, information and sound. Also included are 4 presentation videos to convince businesses why they need a Fan Page. Just send them a link to the video and let it do the selling for you. Simple!

-PDF/Word doc guides. These lead generating reports and guides can be offered for download, emailed to contacts, printed and distributed – it’s up to you. Just add your business name and details and you have a ready made info pack to give to clients. Contains 3 reports.

-Short-form lead-generating articles. These are formatted to match the business theme and logo.

-Facebook Technical Manual. Now that you are offering fan pages you will need some technical knowledge to get things up and running. This complete PDF document is a reference point for everything you might be doing in Facebook.

-Promotional Flyers/leaflets. 5 custom designs that you can use to advertise in your local area, to send as a leaflet drop or to create online adverts.

-4 Powerpoint presentations with unique designs. These will help you to present your services to potential clients.

-Fan Page business template: brand new design that matches your main business website to create a unifying brand between all aspects of your business.

-Fan Page Viral template: this template encourages people to click like to get a free report (included) on why they need a Facebook Fan Page. This report has giveaway rights and the contains links to your web-site and contact details thus generating more traffic and leads for you.
-Business Card Designs (2)

-Complete outsourcing training course. Running at 1.5 hours, this video training course has been created by me to educate you on all aspects of hiring outsourcers to do the work for you. This is an extremely powerful method and is vital for expanding your business. Using these techniques you can be taking on work for $500 and getting it completed for $50 – while you take home the profit.





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