[Purchased] Omega – Multi-Purpose Responsive Bootstrap Theme

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Omega is the Most Flexible Theme We Have Ever Made! You can use it to make any kind of web site.
To show you how flexible this theme is we created 100+ example pages! all available for you to install to your WP site with our One Click Install!
The theme is ready to translate into any language using the WPML plugin. As usual with all of our themes you will receive our 100% support, should you need any help

Version 1.15.0

Release Date : 10th January 2017

Smooth scrolling bug fix
Updated Font Awesome icons to 4.7
Docs updated
Fixed autoplay option for audio shortcode
Updated Google Maps API version
Added Xing icon for the Social Icon shortcode
Fixed bug when saving system fonts



Download Version 1.15


Just comment or PM me if updates are there, will add the new version.

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