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Start Your Own Marketplace or digital store with Squarecode and Easy Digital Downloads

This hand crafted, bloat-free, theme was built specifically for you to open your own marketplace online at a very low cost. Utilizing the power of the FREE and very popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin, you can sell anything digital including items such as videos, music, digital art such as icons, filters, templates, themes, or photos etc.
You only need the FREE Easy Digital Downloads plugin to power your own store but you can expand to include Front End Submissions (multiple authors selling products, like ThemeForest), reviews or physical goods using the low cost paid plugin options.

Update on 01/05/17 – v2.7.0

This is a full point update. Almost every file has been updated : language files, theme options, header file for color pickers, new options added, complete CSS overhaul including new content width size. Be sure to check out the live preview for the changes. Other changes include updates to styling for the recent changes in FES and Reviews plugin for EDD.



Download Version 2.7.0


Just comment or PM me if updates are there, will add the new version.

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